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What Are The Misconceptions of Barndominiums?

Whether you call them pole barn homes, barndominiums, or shop houses (or "shouses"), the names may differ, but one thing is clear: this alternative ...


Top 4 Harley Davidson Dealership Commercial Post-Frame Buildings

When you see a Harley Dealership, you may not be aware that it could have been constructed by FBi Buildings. This is why we have compiled a list of ...


42' x 64' Pole Barn: Design Tips and Cost

Check out our video guide where we'll show you how to use our online design tool to create a 42’ x 64’ x 14’ Pole Barn step by step. We'll also ...


How Much Does It Cost to Reskin a Quonset Hut?

In this blog, we'll discuss the cost of reskinning an existing Quonset hut and detail the process step-by-step.


How To Raise A [QLYFT} Pole Barn: The Safety Nets

In this video, we explore the safety measures implemented. Enhanced crew safety is ensured through the installation of safety netting along the lower ...


When To Upgrade Barge Boards In Your Pole Barn

In this instructional video, Andrew Janson expertly demonstrates the process of replacing the barge board on a pole barn. Over time, barge boards are ...


Benefits Of 2-Ply Pole Barn Trusses

Looking to take your pole barn construction to the next level? Dive into the world of 2-ply trusses with us! In this video, we explore the incredible ...


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pole Barn in Kentucky?

This blog will discuss how those five factors affect pole barn cost and give you a range for most projects.


How to Fix a Collapsed Pole Barn Roof

Join us in this compelling video as our expert repair and renovations crew tackles the daunting task of fixing a collapsed roof on a pole barn. Crew ...


Top 5 Factors to Consider When Insuring Your Pole Barn

We discuss the top five factors to consider when insuring your pole barn. These guidelines will help you understand the insurance process and ensure ...


Building A Pole Barn Over Tanks

In this video, Crew Foreman Levi Sample provides a brief rundown of the construction project measuring 60’ x 125’ x 15’. This build is designated for ...


Roof Repair Wind Damage

Check out our latest video where we dive into the restoration process of a Lester Pole Barn hit by wind damage. Our Repair and Renovations team ...

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