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Is a Pole Barn Addition Right for You?

In this video, we cover four key factors to keep in mind if you're thinking of expanding your current pole barn.


3 Effective Ways to Repair a Rotted Pole Barn Column

This article discusses three effective ways to repair rotted pole barn columns inside your post-frame building.


How to Replace a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door

In this video, we will take you through the process of the removal and installation of a 50' x 20' Schweiss bi-fold door


How to Set Up and Build Pole Barn Trusses

In the following video, Chad Jeffries, the Truss Plant Foreman, provides a comprehensive overview of the procedures involved in the assembly and ...


How to Choose a Pole Barn Builder for Your Barndominium

Are you interested in building a pole barn home? In this article, we compare six pole barn home builders.


Raising an 80’ x 172’ Commercial Pole Barn

Take a glimpse at the construction of this commercial pole barn measuring 80 feet in length, 172 feet in width, and 20 feet in height, all made ...


42’ x 64’ Black and White Farmhouse Pole Barn

In this video, we'll highlight several features found in this 42’ x 64’ x 14’ farmhouse-style pole barn. Whether you're looking for a workshop, ...


Which Pole Barn Floor is Right For You?

In this video, we explore four flooring choices to consider for your upcoming post-frame project. Discover the Benefits of Dirt, Gravel, Stone, and ...


What Is MSR Lumber?

MSR Lumber, or Machine Stress Rated Lumber, is a specialized type of lumber that undergoes rigorous mechanical testing to determine its strength and ...


Versetta Stone vs Metal Wainscoting: What's Right for You?

Wainscotting is a popular addition to add to your post-frame building, but there's a difference between Versetta Stone and metal wainscoting. Learn ...


What Are the Benefits of Perma-Columns?

In this video, we look at some of the benefits of Perma-Columns. From agricultural buildings to residential homes, the impact of these columns is ...


Raising a [OLYFT] Pole Barn: How Do The Lasers Work?

This video covers the second component of our OLYFT Building System, the lasers. Imagine a building with a roof that always stays level, even as ...

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