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Did you know the Watseka Ford Dealership is a pre-engineered post frame building?

Elevate your business with a commercial pole barn building

When people think of a pole barn or post frame building, they often picture a farm shop or cold storage building for agriculture. What many people don’t know is that post-frame construction gives you lots of flexibility in design and is a great option for commercial buildings, including automotive dealerships!

When John Bell, general manager of Watseka Ford in Watseka, Illinois, needed to update the look of his car dealership, he chose a pole barn for the additional energy efficiency compared to a steel frame building. Another key component was the structural integrity that FBi Buildings offered. Ultimately, it came down to the pole barn design expertise shown by FBi Buildings. The look of the building was extremely important to John.
“It’s an impressive building, especially from where we came from. I think the entire team at FBi Buildings, from the start with the sales person, to the design team, to the crew that was onsite offered their own bit of expertise that together made them the best deal for us for sure.”

Hear John Bell talk about the benefits of his building and experience with FBi Buildings!

More than just a roof over your head

Your commercial building is more than just a roof over your head. It’s a billboard for your business and communicates your values to your customers. It’s a living, breathing part of your business that allows you to service your customers faster and better. It’s a home away from home for your employees. It’s something your community can be proud of.
Take a look at some more photos of John Bell’s Ford Dealership.

We’ve been working with customers for 60 years to help steward their legacies and partner with their businesses. Take a look at our gallery or download our free commercial brochure to see more examples of our commercial pole barn designs.