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Proactively Managing Condensation

“It’s the little things” – it’s a phrase we hear so often to express how little things build up over time to make a difference. Sometimes it’s a positive difference as in a kindness, or someone looking out for another. But it can be said about troublesome issues that accumulate over time.

Condensation is a lot of “little things” that can be a big issue in a building. That’s why FBi is dedicated to applying the science and engineering necessary to proactively manage condensation.

Water vapor condenses when warm, moisture-laden air contacts a cool surface. Take for example the underside of a steel roof. Low-temperature air does not hold as much moisture as warmer air. Thus, when the warmer air hits the steel of the building and cools, the excess humidity turns into water droplets and drips in your building.

But what’s a little moisture? Left unattended, undermanaged or unattended, condensation can lead to a host of problems that cause deterioration to your building. Reducing the moisture inside a building dramatically reduces condensation risks. It’s about managing an environment and it starts with pre-construction planning.

Five keys are:

  • Site preparation
  • Drainage
  • Other moisture sources
  • Ventilation
  • Roofing backer options

Disclaimer: While upfront planning can reduce the probability of condensation problems, many variables uncontrollable and as such FBi Buildings cannot guarantee a condensation free building.

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