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More than a post frame building – Hear Phil Bane share his Legacy.

What do commercial post frame buildings have to do with legacy?

For Phil Bane, CEO of Bane-Welker Equipment, the look and design of his commercial post frame buildings is key. He wants space that is welcoming to his customers and is something the community can be proud of. These buildings help represent 50 years of legacy started by Phil’s father in 1967. While the design and quality of these buildings is superb (according to Phil), the values shared by FBi Buildings and Bane-Welker Equipment are extremely important; family, community, trust, and integrity are just a few. “Legacy itself is different things to different people. To me, it’s not wanting to be served, but to serve” – Phil Bane. FBi Buildings is proud to partner with Phil Bane to expand and steward that legacy.

Today’s complicated farm equipment needs to be serviced at a much higher level than in the past. The building used to service that equipment needs to be up to par: comfortable for employees to work in, and for customers to visit. Your building should be something your employees and community can be proud of!

Hear why Phil Bane sees FBi Buildings as a partner and has built with us time and again, including at the following locations:

  • Pendleton, Indiana
  • Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • LaCrosse, Indiana
  • Lebanon, Indiana
  • Wingate, Indiana
  • Terre Haute, Indiana

Beyond buildings – we build legacies

FBi Buildings has been stewarding the legacies of customers like Phil Bane since 1958. Our expert consultants work with customers to understand their unique needs and provide solutions. Our professional design team can help bring dreams to life and our powerful in-house crews turn them into reality.

Take a look at our free commercial buildings brochure to hear from more customers and see other examples of commercial post frame buildings. Visit the gallery on our website to see photos of other commercial pole barns!