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Site Preparation

Build on a Firm Foundation!

Investing in proper site preparation can reduce the total project costs and get you the building you expect on time. While it may seem to cost more upfront to accomplish proper site prep for your building project, doing so will prevent headaches and ultimately save you money! Ensuring the site is prepared before  our professional Crew arrives will help maximize your building objectives, from exterior site flow to interior building layout. Proper site prep will also increase the lifetime of your building by minimizing the amount of moisture in your building after construction, reducing maintenance and energy needs.



5 Basic Steps to Ensure Proper Site Preparation

There are many factors in making sure your building site is ready for construction to begin while also ensuring your building is the best it can be from day one. Here are five basic steps that will help you get started.

  1. Remove all humus and sod (any organic material will decompose and cause your foundation to settle and crack.)

  2. Excavate to remove high spots if needed.

  3. Add ditches, swales or a pond if needed to minimize standing water near your building.

  4. If fill is needed, apply one layer at a time while compacting to ensure a non-settling crowned or level surface.

  5. A layer of coarse stone above the soil base will reduce capillary action, reducing the amount of water vapor entering your building and preventing condensation issues.

What Else can I do?

You can’t start thinking about Site Preparation too early in your building project. Talking to an excavator early in the process can help. Our team at FBi Buildings has had nearly 60 years of experience walking our customers through this process. One of our Project Sales Consultants would be happy to help you through the best practices developed at FBi Buildings and recommend an excavator experienced with post-frame buildings in your area to work with.