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Our Process

Your Projects Success

Once you’ve landed on a design for your building working with our Project Sales Consultants and design team, the process through construction can begin! Communication is key to a successful project There are 4 phases to construction once you’ve settled on design.





Processing Phase

In this phase, the key objective is completing documentation of your project, making sure we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s. You’ll also be introduced to the Construction Coordinator for your project in this phase. Your Construction Coordinator will walk you through site preparation, permitting, financing, start time, review the contract with you and get any pending details.

Permitting Phase

During this time, you will receive the construction set of drawings to review and approve. Simultaneously, you should be working with an excavator to get your site prepared. Make sure you don’t need to obtain a building permit before site preparation begins. Your Construction Coordinator will be in touch to check progress and update you on the schedule.

Pre-Mobilization Phase

At this point, we will inspect the site and make sure it’s ready for construction. Your local FBi Buildings Crew will be scheduled, and all the materials will be ordered. Any change orders at this point will likely cause delays and fees.

Construction Phase

Your Crew Foreman will be visiting the site and introducing himself while confirming building location and finished floor elevation. He’ll walk through the construction drawings & prints one last time with you and then construction will begin! Once construction has been completed, your project won’t close out until you’ve walked through the building with your Foreman to make sure everything is the way you wanted it. Once you are satisfied with the work, you’ll be contacted by your Project Sales Consultant and will be asked to give feedback on your experience.