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Need a hand? We now offer financing!

To help our customers with their needs, we have partnered with 1st Farm Credit Services, a company that has been serving the financial needs of agriculture for over 100 years. Our partnership with 1st Farm Credit Services provides our agricultural customers with access to funding for their building projects. You can depend on our partnership with 1st Farm Credit to help you choose the perfect program for your operation, maximizing your financing and tax management options.



What Qualifies?

1st Farm Credit Services can help finance the purchase of agribusiness facilities, machine storage, farm shops, seed dealerships, chemical & fertilizer storage and more. Livestock facilities can also qualify! To see if your specific project will qualify, fill out our financing request form below, or reach out to your Project Sales Consultant to get in touch with our 1st Farm Credit representative.

What does 1st Farm Credit Services offer through FBi Buildings?

Reach out to find the perfect choice for your operation from the special financing options offered in this partnership, including the potential of 0% financing for 6 months or reduced interest rates. Whether it be lease to own or a loan program, 1st Farm Credit will help you get the best option for you depending on your tax and financial goals, cash flow, and even estate planning!