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Building Permits

Getting a Building Permit

When beginning a building project, many people think that obtaining a building permit is one of the last steps to take just before construction begins. Getting a building permit may seem straightforward, but the fact is that the requirements that need to be met are unique to the governing body issuing permits in your area. Even more specifically, each plot of land is different than the next and regulations evolve over time. It’s not safe to assume that because your building is similar to a neighbor’s that you will have no issues getting your building permit. Even with Agricultural projects, it’s key to learn what the requirements for a permit are before going too far down the path towards construction to minimize delays and frustrations.



How do I find the information I need?

Reach out to your local municipal or county building department to ask the following questions:

  1. Who has the authority to issue permits in my area? (City or County?)
  2. What are the exact requirements & information I need to apply for a permit? (applications, site plans, construction prints, land descriptions, contractors used, etc)
  3. Approximately how long will it take from application to approval?

The answers to these questions will help you avoid unwanted delays.

Can my builder help me?

Yes! FBi Buildings has helped customers apply for thousands of permits over the last 50+ years. Our Project Sales Consultants can help walk you through the whole process and navigate the challenges.