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Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Since 1958, we at FBi Buildings have prided ourselves in using the best quality materials available. We have even pioneered new materials that have since become the industry standard. FBi Buildings were the first to feature aluminum-framed sliding doors, Kynar 500 based paints on Galvalume steel and the Perma-Column foundation system. Our continued commitment to give our customers the best products possible has driven innovations internally, but also in the marketplace as a whole!


Often overlooked, your side and roof steel is an integral part of your building’s structural integrity. That being said, not all steel is created equal. Our engineers prefer 29 gauge, heat-treated, full-hard, high-tensile steel with a minimum yield point of 80,000 PSI. When comparing different builders steel, it’s important to remember that all factors must be considered, you can’t simply compare one factor to another. For instance, our engineers spec a slightly thinner steel compared to the commonly used 28 or 26 gauge steel, but when all the other factors are added up, it still has a 60-78% higher yield point than some thicker steels. The harder steel used by our design team provides increased resistance to impact damage from hail, rocks and accidents.

In most cases, we use a Galvalume substrate coating on our steel, providing the longest possible life. Galvalume is a combination of zinc, silicon and aluminum that continues to battle corrosion and rust 2-4 times longer than galvanized steel commonly used by other builders.


One of the major causes of degradation or failure of architectural coatings is ultra-violet radiation. It’s vital to ensure your building is the color you chose; today, tomorrow and years to come. We use the Kynar 500 paint system to make sure your pole barn maintains the showroom new look you remember. Kynar 500 is relatively unaffected by the damaging radiation of the sun, unlike many other popular finishing systems. It comes down to the amazing strength in the molecular bond of Kynar 500, one of the strongest known to man! FBi Buildings uses this premium finish to reduce fading, increase gloss retention and provide corrosion prevention. Only a few other builders offer this caliber of finish to their customers for both side and roof steel.

Manufactured Trusses

FBi Buildings has been manufacturing our own trusses since the beginning in 1958. While the process has evolved over the years, the dedication to quality has remained as strong as ever. Every truss is manufactured to design specifications from each individual project, giving you a truss that was specifically engineered for the needs of your building. Our truss plant is regularly examined and certified by a third party, Truss Plate Institute, to make sure that each truss is FBi quality. Finally, where our design team requires it, our lumber is Machine Stress Rated (MSR) and is tested for stiffness and strength in an electro-magnetic machine. Each of your trusses are a key component to structural integrity and individually add to the strength of your building.