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Building Features

Building Features

While all the material used in our buildings are top of the line, we also offer some additional features that will add convenience and longevity to your pole barn. These features also include aesthetically pleasing additions that will give you the perfect look for your building, while maintaining structural integrity.



Traditionally, pole barns were built with wood columns being buried under the ground. As you can imagine, as time went on, those wood columns would rot and break. With the environmentally friendly Perma-Column system, there is no wood in the ground and rot is prevented. FBi Buildings pioneered the use of Perma-Columns, a first in our area. Perma-Columns are a steel reinforced concrete column system that exceeds industry standards and extends the lifespan of your building. This product combines the economy of post-frame construction with the longevity of concrete and includes steel uplift anchors for increased structural integrity.




EasyMotion Sliding Doors

This patented feature was developed under the direction of our product improvement team and is another first in the industry. As the door is used, all metal on metal friction has been eliminated by the addition of “high lubricity polymer”, a fancy term for our rollers low friction material. This feature also includes a weatherproof system called Posi-Guide, preventing the track from collecting debris like other door tracks. The covered track prevents snow or ice build up, doesn’t get stuck on rocks or sticks, and the rollers will never need oiled!

This feature allows for easier access to your building by ensuring smooth movement throughout the full range of motion; from fully open to fully closed and everything inbetween. Our EasyMotion Sliding Doors guarantee easy access all year round.

Other Features

Some of the other aesthetic features we offer our customers include a variety of:

  • Overhang Options
  • Cupolas
  • Porch Designs
  • Custom Doors & Windows
  • Interior Lining Packages
  • Eave lights & Skylights
  • Overhead doors (Including bi-fold doors)
  • Wainscot