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Affordability of Pole Barns and Buildings

Why pole barns are so affordable

In most applications, pole barns cost less to build than many other methods of construction. This is due in large part to a more efficient use of materials and labor. Pole barns get their strength from the diaphragm action of a wood frame and structural sheathing (steel or OSB/plywood). Our columns are strong, thick and spaced 8’ apart. Compare that to the materials and labor needed to put a 2x4 every 16” or laying thousands of blocks. And FBi pole barns do not need expensive interior supporting walls. We can easily clear-span 100’, creating wide-open space to use however you want.

Because of fewer required framing members and the speed of installing steel siding and roofing panels (if you choose them), pole barns can be completed quickly, especially with FBi’s large and experienced crews.