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Choosing a Pole Barn Builder

How to choose the best pole barn builder.

A good pole barn builder will help you plan for success by providing plenty of resources and guidance early in the project.

It's best to have everyone from sales to engineering to construction coordinators to construction all working for the same company. It makes for a smoother, more efficient process. Look for a company that has a strong financial backing, including all licenses and insurances.

Your pole barn builder should have building professionals (e.g., engineers, project managers, construction managers) on staff who have the expertise necessary to lead you through the entire process, answer your questions and make suggestions.

Ask around to find out what kind of reputation a pole barn builder has. You want one known for quality materials, craftsmanship and service after the sale.

Look for a pole barn builder who has a long, successful track record. Choose one that will still be around to service you in the future. Plus, if you ever need an addition, you’ll want it to match the original building.

Ask about the experience and training of the building crews and foremen. Your best choice is a company with low turnover (relative to the industry) and committed employees.

Finally, make sure the builder you choose is a member of the National Frame Builders Association. NFBA members specialize in post-frame / pole barn construction and make a professional commitment to sound construction methods and ethical business practices.