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Metal Building Paint

Will the paint on my metal building fade?

It might. It depends on what type of paint system your builder uses. FBi uses Kynar 500®, a premium finish that offers superior fade resistance, gloss retention and corrosion prevention. Very few builders offer a finish of this quality on both the steel siding and roofing.

Examine the difference in performance of Kynar 500 when compared to silicone polyester. When exposed to the sun's UV radiation for 3-5 years, Kynar 500 samples show almost no change. The silicone polyester sample shows severe fade and chalk... the whole system is disintegratingThe enduring beauty of Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based finishes. Nothing else comes close. 
FBi finishes our metal-building side and roof panels with the Kynar 500® Fluoropolymer paint system. The molecular bond of Kynar 500® is amazingly strong - one of the strongest known to man.

Kynar 500® resists the harmful UV rays of the sun better than anything else on the market. 
Of all the major causes of change or failure of architectural coatings, UV radiation is the most destructive. Prolonged exposure at a Ft. Myers, Florida, test site proves the superior gloss retention, color permanence and fade/chalk resistance of Kynar 500®. Kynar 500® is relatively unaffected by the sun's radiation, which, in time, destroys lesser coatings.

Kynar 500®'s gloss retention performance is proven superior. 
Our industry-leading gloss retention performance assures that your metal building will retain its "showroom-new" look. This quality is possible because of the incredible gloss retention properties of Kynar 500® compared to other popular finishing systems.



Kynar 500®'s superior flexibility shuts out rust and corrosion. 
FBi's complete paint system is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the rigors of the forming process. Silicone polyester cracks. Over time, these cracks allow elements to penetrate the finish and cause the steel on your metal building to rust or corrode. 

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema, Inc.