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Metal Building Designs

What types of designs are available for metal buildings?

Because FBi metal buildings have a wood frame with widely spaced columns, we have tremendous flexibility in design. Steeper roof pitches, interesting roof lines, dormers, overhangs, building offsets, adding large wall openings and so on are easier and less expensive to incorporate than they are on steel-frame metal buildings.

This shows some of our many exterior finish options

The exterior can be finished nearly any way you like: steel, brick, block, stone, EIFS, vinyl siding, cedar siding.

FBi's metal building designs provide up to 100' of wide-open, clear-span space. Because the interior walls are not needed to bear the building load, you have the freedom to place them whereever you wish.

For examples of various metal building designs, and to get ideas, take a look at our photo galleries. FBi's Project Sales Consultants and in-house designers will work with you to create a design that looks and functions the way you want.