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Product Comparison

Why FBi? Comparing our product to others

What makes an FBi building better than some other builder's pole barn? The quality of our building components is second to none.

Solid Foundation

In traditional post-frame applications, FBi places columns a minimum of 48" below grade and sets them on precast or poured-in-place concrete foundation pads. We do not rely on a dry, powered concrete mix to carry the load. That is a risky method that relies on significant ground moisture to "set up" the concrete before any settling can occur.

To prevent the columns from uplifting, we use large wooden anchor blocks.

Some building applications may require a continuous poured concrete foundation. Laminated columns are firmly bolted to this type of foundation with specially designed foundation brackets.FBi's pre-cast or poured in place foundation pads provide solid, non-shifting, load bearing support. Anchor blocks prevent uplift. Your building won't sink or rise out of the ground.

Strong Columns

Columns are the "posts" in post-frame - the "poles" in pole barn. FBi offers two choices: our standard wood laminated columns and optional concrete Perma-Columns.

Our rugged laminated columns are made of #1 or Select Structural Southern Yellow Pine with compressive stress ratings of 1750 lb./sq. in. or more. Most square posts are #2 graded wood rated at only 525 lb./sq. in. Laminated Column bases are 2"x 6" (or larger) lumber-treated all the way through with non-corrosive, government-approved wood preservative to safely prevent rot and termite damage.

The revolutionary Perma-Column system offers the economy of post-frame construction and the proven durability of concrete. No column wood goes into the ground. Using the latest pre-cast concrete technology and premium-grade steel reinforcement, they are extraordinarily strong. So strong, they are guaranteed for life.

Closer Girt and Purlin Spacing

Girts (side nailers), purlins (roof nailers) and fasteners are important to the structural integrity of your building. Our narrow grid pattern allows for a greater number of fasteners in the side steel for excellent overall strength.

Purlins are attached on edge at a maximum of 24" o.c. - sometimes closer - with hardened steel 60d ring-shank nails. Purlins are overlapped 2' at the truss and lap-cleated with 16d nails. The strength of this system far surpasses that of other builders who use wider spacing and butt purlins end-to-end.

FBi uses strong #2 grade or better spruce pine fir. In special loading situations, we use Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber with a fiber bending rating up to 1800 lb./sq. in.

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Engineered Trusses

FBi wide heel trusses are saddled to laminated columns. This super strong connection provides unobstructed floor to ceiling clearance along sidewalls.

FBi wide-heel trusses are saddled to laminated columns. This super-strong connection provides unobstructed floor-to-ceiling clearance along sidewalls.

FBi trusses are job-ordered and -engineered for your building. Detailed drawings for your job show material and construction specs plus load analysis. Our professional in-house engineering staff uses the latest computer-aided design and simulation systems to ensure strength and structural integrity.

Next, we manufacture our trusses under stringent quality-control standards in our own plant. In addition, our truss plant is regularly certified by a third party Truss Plate Institute inspection service to further ensure quality fabrication of all trusses. Where engineering requires, we specify Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber. Each piece has been tested for stiffness and strength in an electro-mechanical machine. This known quantity reduces lumber variability and ensures there are no "weak links" in your building's structure. You know the strength is in your lumber before the lumber goes into your building.

Heavy-duty steel plates reinforce your building's strength in critical areas. Lumber is joined with heavy-duty steel plates. These plates have a dense concentration of long teeth, providing excellent "grip" on the wood.

EasyMotion Sliding Door

See what makes EasyMotion doors the best choiceIn 2009, FBi introduced EasyMotion, the most advanced sliding door in the industry. This new design eliminates all metal-on-metal and metal-on-wood friction. That eliminates the scraping, grinding and associated resistance that can make doors difficult to open - especially during adverse weather.

Our still unmatched Posi-Guide bottom door track is a weatherproof system that won't jam with ice, snow or debris. Our top track and roller is self-cleaning and our trims and flashing eliminate bird nesting.

In early 2010, we introduced the post-frame industry's first sliding door locking latch. Our StepSaver latch lets you lock / unlock and latch / unlatch our split sliding doors from outside (and inside) the building. No more annoying cam latches!

Find out why our sliding doors are umatched for ease of use, strength and reliability on our EasyMotion page.

Integrated Truss to Column Connection

FBi trusses are cradled in column "saddles" - where we lock the truss and column into a "one-piece" integral system that more effectively resists snow and wind loads. Compare the application of an ordinary square post with our laminated column. With the square post, the truss simply sits on top or to the side of the post. To compensate for this weak connection, other builders use outdated, off-center knee bracing, which reduces clearance along sidewalls leaving less usable space.

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Long Lasting Steel and Paint

FBi materials work together to keep your building looking young!

After 23 years of exposure, this hot-dipped galvanized G90 test panel exhibits almost complete red rust.FBi panels are 29 gauge, heat-treated, full-hard, high-tensile steel with a minimum yield point of 80,000 PSI. That's 60-78% higher than commonly used, thicker "soft" 28 or 26 gauge steel, and it provides greater resistance to impact damage (hail, rocks, accidents, etc.).

FBi's high-yield strength steel with specially formed tall ribs on 9" centers provides wind and snow load capacity far above industry-standard commercial-quality steel. You get a building with greater structural integrity.

Plus, fastener holes in soft steel can become enlarged over time and leak. FBi high-yield strength steel is hard. Fastener holes maintain their shape.

The longest lasting steel. 

FBi uses only the two best steel substrate coatings available: Galvalume® and, in certain situations, G100 galvanized. Both are highly effective at fighting corrosion and rust.

In most cases, we spec Galvalume-coated steel for roofs and siding. Galvalume provides the longest possible life. It battles corrosion and rust two to four times longer than the galvanized steel that many other builders use. Crevice protection and flexibility around formed ribs are superior.

Galvalume is a combination of aluminum, silicon and zinc. This coating keeps on fighting corrosion years after other corrosion resistant systems have failed.

In some instances, galvanized steel is a better application for sidewalls. In these situations, we use a premium-grade galvanized, G100, which has an heavier coating of rust-fighting zinc than the more commonly used G60 or G90.

The Galvalume sheet panel continues to perform well after the same 23-year exposure.


The Galvalume sheet panel continues to perform well after the same 23-year exposure.The enduring beauty of Kynar® 500 PVDF resin-based finishes. Nothing else comes close. 

FBi finishes our Galvalume side and roof panels with the Kynar 500 Fluoropolymer paint system. The molecular bond of Kynar 500 is amazingly strong - one of the strongest known to man.

Kynar 500 resists the harmful UV rays of the sun better than anything else on the market. 

Of all the major causes of change or failure of architectural coatings, UV radiation is the most destructive. Prolonged exposure at a Ft. Myers, Florida, test site proves the superior gloss retention, color permanence and fade/chalk resistance of Kynar 500. Kynar 500 is relatively unaffected by the sun's radiation, which, in time, destroys lesser coatings.

Kynar 500's gloss retention performance is proven superior.

Our industry-leading gloss retention performance assures that your FBi building will retain its "showroom-new" look. This quality is possible because of the incredible gloss retention properties of Kynar 500 compared to other popular finishing systems.

Kynar 500's superior flexibility shuts out rust and corrosion. 

FBi's complete paint system is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the rigors of the forming process. Silicone polyester cracks. Over time, these cracks allow elements to penetrate the finish and cause the steel to rust or corrode.

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema, Inc.

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Superior Fasteners

FBi uses premium 300-Series stainless steel-capped, self-sealing screws (not nails).

Our screws provide superior holding power compared to nails. Screws will not back out as nails do.

Some builders install through the rib – a weaker connection that allows the steel to move – leading to leaks. FBi’s stronger method of screwing “through the flat” assures long-term seal effectiveness.

Prevents Leaks

Some builders install through the rib - a weaker connection that allows the steel to move - leading to leaks. FBi's stronger method of screwing "through the flat" assures long-term seal effectiveness.The FBi screw's hard carbon steel shank cleanly penetrates siding and wood, creating a weatherproof grip that stays put. Nails create a jagged puncture that may further tear over time and leak. Furthermore, some builders install fasteners (nails or screws) on top of ribs, which allows movement around the critical seal area. This movement, caused by expansion, contraction and wind, adversely affects structural integrity and seal effectiveness. Leaks are more likely to occur over time. FBi installs screws through the flat area (except at the panel overlap) for a firm, lasting grip that maximizes seal effectiveness and strength.

The exclusive design allows up to a 12 degree angle of installation without creating “pressure points” or the possibility of leaks.

Lasting Seal Effectiveness

The exclusive design allows up to a 12 degree angle of installation without creating "pressure points" or the possiblity of leaks.FBi screw fasteners encapsulate the sealing washer to protect it from the elements and to improve aesthetics. The integral washer maintains its seal even if the screw is driven at an angle. And our EPDM seal material is more reliable than commonly used neoprene, and offers the best heat, cold, weather and ozone resistance available.

Guaranteed to Never Rust

FBi stainless steel fastener heads are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to rust, discolor or stain even after decades of service.