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Engineered Barn Trusses

FBi wide-heel trusses are saddled to laminated columns. This super-strong connection provides unobstructed floor-to-ceiling clearance along sidewalls.
FBi trusses are job-ordered and -engineered for your building. Detailed drawings for your job show material and construction specs plus load analysis. Our professional in-house engineering staff uses the latest computer-aided design and simulation systems to ensure strength and structural integrity.
Next, we manufacture our trusses under stringent quality-control standards in our own plant. In addition, our truss plant is regularly certified by a third-party Truss Plate Institute inspection service to further ensure quality fabrication of all trusses. Where engineering requires, we specify Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber. Each piece has been tested for stiffness and strength in an electro-mechanical machine. This known quantity reduces lumber variability and ensures there are no "weak links" in your building's structure. You know the strength is in your lumber before the lumber goes into your building.
Heavy-duty steel plates reinforce your building's strength in critical areas. Lumber is joined with heavy-duty steel plates. These plates have a dense concentration of long teeth, providing excellent "grip" on the wood.