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EasyMotion Sliding Doors

The smoothest moving doors in the industry.

FBi's aluminum-frame sliding doors have led the industry for years. In 2009, we redesigned our doors from top to bottom, improving ease of use, strength and aesthetics. We called this new door EasyMotion.

In April 2010, our EasyMotion sliding doors got even easier to use, with the introduction of our StepSaver sliding door latch system. Now you can latch and unlatch your sliding doors from outside the building, saving you steps, time and hassles.

Innovative design features make this the easiest-to-use sliding door on the market.

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Easy to Use

We've also added self-lubricating ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene girt glides on the door jamb.The EasyMotion door is the smoothest-moving sliding door in the industry. All metal-on-metal friction has been eliminated, thanks to the addition of high lubricity polymer at all key contact points.

When the door operates, the aluminum parts contact the slick polymer parts and glide easily, smoothly and quietly, with no grinding or scraping from metal on metal contact. Doors open and close with the lightest touch. This ensures smooth movement through the entire range of operation – fully open to fully closed.

Get Inside Quickly

Developed under the direction of FBi's product improvement team, this patent-pending sliding door latch is yet another FBi First.Developed under the direction of FBi's product improvement team, this patent-pending sliding door latch is yet another FBi first.

FBi's StepSaver latch system may be the most important usability advancement in sliding doors — ever!

No more running around to the side door to go in and disengage cam latches and snugger chains before you can open the sliding doors. For more detailed information about our StepSaver Door Latch, click here.

Trouble-Free Operation

Without Posi-Guide, our competitor's door track collects all sorts of debris!Without Posi-Guide, our competitor's door track collects all sorts of debris!

Practically any builder's new sliding door can operate acceptably in a perfect environment. Only FBi's EasyMotion door is designed to operate smoothly in adverse, real-world conditions – and continue doing so for many years down the road.

Our trouble-free operation is due to several things. The first is our Posi-Guide Track, explained in detail in the next section. Second, we use a special flashing and an extra trim piece at the top of the door to keep birds from nesting and clogging up the top track with debris. Lastly, our rounded door track is self-cleaning and the rollers never need oiling.

Posi-Guide Track

This exclusive weatherproof system ensures doors open smoothly all year round - an FBI original that still can't be beat.

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the Posi-Guide system versus the competition.

We use a unique, covered-bottom track design. It keeps the door snug against the building as it operates and does not collect rain, ice, snow, sticks, leaves and rocks, as most competing door tracks do. A special low-friction polymer roller is protected behind and underneath the track. Compare that to the typical system of an exposed, unpainted metal track that can creates grinding friction. Plus, exposed track can easily get damaged, making operation even more difficult. The guide is a durable powder-coated aluminum, color-matched to your building.

Here is a side by side comparison of the Posi-Guide system vs the competition.

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FBi's sliding doors have always been engineered to a higher standard than most. Now they are even stronger.

Our engineers strengthened the door system from top to bottom, resulting in a 20% overall improvement over our previous design.

We use an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for our frame and girts because of its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. This produces an incredibly strong door that is still light and easy to move, with less wear and tear on door parts.

EasyMotion Sliding Doors have been engineered for minimal deflection and lasting endurance.

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