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StepSaver Door Latch

Latch and unlatch your sliding doors from the outside!

Save Steps with the StepSaver™ Latch. Another FBi first!

This may be the most important usability advancement in sliding doors - ever!

Getting inside your building used to take a lot of steps: Walk over to the side door. Go inside to disengage cam latches and snugger chain. Then open the sliding doors.

Latch, unlatch. Lock, unlock. From inside or outside.Now you can just turn the key and grab the StepSaver Latch handle. It's that easy! Get inside in less time.

Developed under the direction of FBi's product improvement team, this patent-pending sliding door latch and auto jamb-snugger system is the first of its kind in the post-frame industry. The StepSaver is the original sliding door latch / locking system - a simple, elegant solution that doesn't add a lot of cost to your building.

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