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Propel Automatic Door Openers

Save Time - Increase Productivity - Improve Security

Enjoy the convenience of push-button sliding door control on your shop or
storage building!

Enjoy the Convenience of Push-Button Control 
Enjoy easier and safer access to your building with just the push of a button. Be more efficient. No more taking time climbing in and out of your equipment to manually open and close doors. Now, with a push of a button, you can control the operation of your sliding doors (individually or together) from as far as 300 feet away. 

Works on Single or Split Sliding Door Systems
With split sliding door systems, your doors maybe opened simultaneously or independently for the ultimate in access flexibility.

Important Safety Features
Photo eyes detect when an obstacle has entered the path of the door and sensors detect if a door has made contact with an obstacle. When actuated, these immediately stop and retract the door. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened from the inside by pulling the emergency release chain.

Enhanced Flexibility
This reliable automatic sliding door operator system is designed for use on nearly any building with sliding door openings up to 48 feet wide. You can choose to install this system yourself or have it professionally installed by your FBi Buildings Team.

Your new door operator system includes:

Two remote openers to give you access of whatever equipment or vehicle you choose.



A reliable and powerful 110 Volt motor and drive with overhead track. The system delivers more than 180 pounds for door opening force to ensure reliable operation in all conditions.

One wall-mount panel provides convenient control from inside. Photo eyes provide safety detecting obstacles in the path of the door.


A sturdy support arm that connects the door to the track delivers years of reliable service.



Note: Concrete Approach Required
You'll gain added security for your sliding doors with a concrete approach and sliding door T-guides. An exisiting concrete approach requires dry set T-guides. A new concrete approach allows the T-guides to be wet set and comes with the added feature of a wet set steel bar along the step in the approach ensuring a secure, smooth and snug operation (manual or automatic). This feature also provides stability from the wind and helps cut down on birds and small animals entering the building.

FBi Buildings, Inc., is an authorized distributor of Propel Doors System, LLC products including the Propel Automated Sliding Door Operator. Propel Automated Sliding Door Operator is designed for use on almost any type of building with single and split sliding doors having openings up to 48 feet wide. Product engineering, design and warranty is provided by Propel Doors System, LLC.