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Suburban Storage Buildings

Get a suburban storage building and enjoy the rural lifestyle.

Our suburban storage buildings are known by many names - storage sheds, backyard buildings, outbuildings. Some call them "toy boxes" because they frequently are full of "big-boy toys" like boats, RVs, utility tractors and ATVs. Whether you are looking for a dream woodworking shop, a place to restore classic cars or just room to put all your stuff, an FBi suburban storage building is the right choice.

Metal storage building attributes

To start with, our building components (steel, paint, screws, wood) are a notch above most in the industry. Your dream hobby building or metal storage shed will stay looking like new for decades to come. And because each building is carefully engineered to stated standards, you can be confident it will perform as expected. If your suburban building is going on an upscale property, you'll be pleased to know that we have designers on staff that can help make your building a neighborhood jewel. As our photo gallery of suburban storage buildings shows, FBi suburban buildings can be finished with virtually any material: steel, brick, stone, EIFS - even cedar or vinyl siding.

Planning your suburban building

FBi offers many FREE resources that will give a boost to your suburban storage building dreams. One particularly popular item is our Rural Lifestyle Plan Book. It contains 20 detailed renderings and floor plans of our most popular suburban building designs. Get yours by calling 1.800.552.2981 today. Also available is our First-Time Buyer's Guide. It's packed full of tips that can save you time, hassles and money. Check out our Free Resources page for more valuable planning information.

Building Galleries

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Lebanon, Indiana
Kempton, Indiana
Amboy, Illinois
Rossville, Illinois
Crown Point, Indiana
Sheldon, Illinois
Frankfort, Indiana
Mazon, Illinois
Grant Park, Illinois
Valparaiso, Indiana
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