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FBi Buildings Monoslope Cattle Barns

Summit Livestock Facilities – Your “fast-track” to success

FBi Buildings has designed and built indoor beef cattle feeding facilities, including monoslope beef barns, gable barns and other related beef cattle confinement production buildings, for many years.

Beef producers choose FBi Buildings because of our knowledge of the beef industry, in-house, pre-engineered structural design expertise, in-house manufacturing and distribution and large company-employed crews (with all the right equipment) that come together in a well-orchestrated process to ensure your project is completed on time with excellence and on budget.

Summit Livestock Facilities – Your “fast track” to success

In recent years, as the size of beef-feeding facilities increased and the permitting, funding and regulatory issues became more complex, FBi Buildings responded with the introduction of a new division – Summit Livestock Facilities.

Summit Livestock Facilities puts beef producers on the “fast track” to solving nearly all of the complex issues involved in planning, permitting and building a new or expanded feedlot.

Summit works to free beef producers to focus on managing their current farming operation by taking responsibility for all aspects of feedlot design/build process. This may also include turnkey, comprehensive construction management of all the subcontractors working on the project.

Typically, beef producers come to Summit seeking expert support in defining the most efficient size for their operation, siting those facilities on the best location they have and designing the facilities to accommodate their vision for the most efficient cattle feeding operation possible.

They appreciate the way Summit experts help them:

  • get a handle on the financial feasibility of their ideas
  • navigate local, state and federal regulatory compliance issues and get permitted
  • prepare plans to ensure ongoing compliance with environmental law
  • evaluate government programs and funding options
  • obtain financing they may need

Naturally, Summit services also include the design engineering, as well as the building, of the needed FBi monoslope beef barns or other beef-related structures. This typically includes comprehensive construction management of all the subcontractors working on those projects.

Why Monoslope Beef Barns?

Although we design and build a wide variety of barns, the monoslope beef barn is currently attracting the most attention from producers. Here's why:

  • Predictability. Because these barns provide shelter from extreme weather, cattle gain weight at a consistent, predictable (and impressive) rate. That means you can count on your beef cattle being at the right weight when it's time to sell.
  • Profitability. Impressive rate of gain and feed conversion, predictability of time to market and low cost per head equals good return on investment.
  • Cattle Health. Monoslope barns provide shade from the high, hot summer sun but allow warmth from the low winter sun. The roof height and slope also provides abundant ventilation for good health. These factors reduce your pull rate. Plus, cattle like being up on mounds, which the bed pack allows.
  • Producer Comfort. It's a fact of life. Happier workers are better workers, more likely to be focused on the cattle rather than on their own discomfort. Nobody likes slogging through mud or enduring the rain and snow. Catch cattle problems early when they are less expensive to treat.
  • Structural Integrity. Summit's wood-frame monoslope barns are built to last. High wind speeds and heavy snow loads are not a problem. Your job will be engineered to clearly specified standards.
  • Manure Management. Collection is easy in a monoslope, and manure stored under roof is not diluted by rain and broken down by sunlight. Therefore, it has a high nutrient value. It's valuable fertilizer for either your farm or to sell to others.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Because the manure is under a roof, there is no runoff. The EPA likes that. And monoslope barns can easily be designed to accommodate storage of 180 days worth of manure, thus meeting NRCS standards necessary for EQIP grant money.

FBi Buildings has quickly become the Midwest's leading beef barn builder.

From our headquarters in Remington, Indiana, we serve beef producers in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Why should FBi build your next beef barn? Here are several reasons:

  • A process that minimizes hassles.We facilitate and coordinate the entire process, working with the best environmental engineers, structural design, concrete and other specialty contractors from cattle handling, rubberized mats and excavators.
  • Quick, quality work you can count on. We have the resources, equipment and manpower to tackle the biggest of jobs anywhere in the Midwest. To get big jobs done quickly, we can assign multiple crews to a project.
  • A company that reduces your risks. It's been more than 50 years since we started serving the building needs of rural America. This stability means we'll be here to take care of you now and well into the future.
  • A partner in your success. We're talking to producers every day and regularly consulting with leading beef industry experts. As a result, we have expertise beyond just the building. Could you use assistance choosing the best location, size and type of building for your operation? Have you thought through the configuration of your bunks, gates and pens for efficient cattle handling? Want help getting permits? Considering applying for EQIP grant money? Whether you are just starting to research your options or are ready to build a monoslope barn, we can help.

Check out our monoslope beef barn videos, including an interview with a customer who recently built.

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