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Industrial Building Construction

Get more industrious with post-frame

Whether you’re looking to provide prime leasing space or house warehouse inventory, you can get the industrial building you want – more quickly and affordably – with our post-frame construction process.

Because our industrial buildings have a wood frame with widely-spaced columns, you get tremendous flexibility when it comes to design. This flexibility can accommodate heavy machinery, large assembly lines or industrial storage. If you need clearance for access and delivery, you can get large overhead doors that provide plenty of clearance for trucks and large equipment. And you can maximize the curb appeal of your building by choosing from a variety of exterior finishes like steel, wood, brick, vinyl and stucco.

In addition, our buildings go up quicker than conventional steel or metal industrial buildings. Not only are our crews the most experienced and best trained in the industry, but we can build year-round so you don’t have to wait on the weather. Contact us today to see why companies across Indiana and Illinois have chosen FBi for their industrial construction project.

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New Lenox, Illinois
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