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Commercial Building Construction

Building the backbone of your enterprise

Whether you’re attracting retail customers, educating students or housing warehouse inventory, a post-frame building is right for your commercial construction needs. You’ll appreciate how an FBi light industrial or commercial building can bring you a quick return on your investment; it all starts with an affordable post-frame construction method that’s considerably less expensive than conventional stud wall or block construction.

Our post-frame metal buildings are also incredibly versatile. Supporting columns are widely spaced (typically 8’ on center), allowing for flexibility of door and window replacement. The wide and deep wall cavities also enhance the building’s energy efficiency.

Because no interior supporting walls are necessary, you can enjoy up to 100’ of wide-open space that you can configure however you want. This makes a metal building well-suited for industrial rental properties. Build-out is easy, and changing things to suit new tenants can be much simpler than with other types of structures. And although these structures are often called “metal buildings,” nearly any type of exterior finish can be used: brick, split-faced block, EIFS, vinyl siding, cedar siding and, of course, steel.

FBi commercial buildings go up quickly, meaning your money gets to work quickly, too. This is due in part to the nature of post-frame construction, but much of the speed is due to our large, well-experienced crews. We have the capacity to place multiple crews on big projects and have ample equipment and tools to get the job done on time.

Our construction coordinator specialists sit in a common “control room” where everyone can see the large schedule board. We can instantaneously adapt to changes in weather or job conditions to ensure the most efficient use of crew and equipment time. This helps us eliminate waste and meet our commitments.

Last but not least, because we handle sales, design, engineering and construction of the post-frame metal building shell, you have a single point of contact that takes full accountability. FBi is the dependable choice that will make your life easier.

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"I love dealing with FBi. They have good people working for them.
They want to understand your business and try to do what you want."

Roy Regeski, Developer
Griffith, Indiana