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Building Resources

Helping you make informed choices

Upfront planning is key to long-term building satisfaction. That's why we've developed an extensive amount of free planning resources to help customers make informed decisions that will eliminate regrets later. The resources listed below are all free to anyone within our normal sales territory of Indiana & Illinois who is considering a post-frame building project. Just call 1.800.552.2981 or click to get yours!

This handy kit lets you move scaled equipment pieces to determine proper farm building size and door placement.

You get all this:

  • 25 scaled equipment pieces (tractors, a combine, heads, tillage tools, planter, pickup truck, ATV, wagons and much more)
  • A 36'' x 24'' grid board
  • Dry-erase marker
>> A $19.95 value.

You only get one chance to choose the right building location! This free kit expedites your farmstead planning.

You get all this:

  • More than 50 scaled, static-cling farmstead items (sheds, grain bins, barns, crib, garage, houses, trees, equipment, pond, swimming pool, dog kennel, playset, propane tank, septic field and more)
  • A 35" x 24" grid board (big enough to plan a 15-acre farmstead)
  • Dry-erase marker
>> A $19.95 value.

This DVD will give you the edge you need to make planning and constructing a new commercial/industrial building go smoothly.

You'll see actual buildings and construction situations that focus on challenges specific to business facilities. The DVD will reveal how to:

  • Increase ROI
  • Lower risk
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Evaluate construction methods
  • See how building design impacts your bottom line
  • And much more
>> A $14.95 value.

Thinking about your first building? This guidebook is for you.

Buying a building is a big undertaking and often one of the largest single investments you'll make aside from your home. Unless you have a construction background, or have built before, you may not be adequately prepared for the process. That can be intimidating and cause you to make mistakes.

Request this guidebook to learn from experts. Save money. Avoid regrets. Build with confidence.

>> A $12.95 value.

Determine the optimum balance between affordable construction and low ongoing utility costs. Understand the issues so you get a comfortable, inexpensive-to-operate building that performs as expected.

  • Get the scoop on insulation choices
  • Discover the real meaning of "R value"
  • Gain insights on choosing a heating system
  • Learn the three ways heat is transferred and how to combat them
  • And much more
>> A $23.95 value.

This guidebook reveals how to get the best long-term value for your money!

It's the most complete guidebook you'll find that can arm you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Evaluate builders' claims
  • More wisely compare bids
  • Ask the sharp questions during the buying process
  • Better plan and specify your building structure
  • Maximize long-term and resale value
>> A $19.95 value.

You deserve a building that works effectively on your farm. This guidebook will help you save money, prevent regrets and increase your building satisfaction. Inside you'll find:

  • Detailed information about lighting and heating choices
  • A sample building floor plan, showing dimensions and door locations
  • Door sizing and interior clearance guidelines for common building uses to make sure your new combine will fit
  • Things you can do now to make future expansion easier
  • How to balance the aesthetic and functional value because you can have both
>> A $9 value.

This booklet contains planning recommendations from people who have spent their careers making horses healthy and comfortable, and making care for horses more efficient.


  • How to orient your building on the site
  • Why what's comfortable for you may not be comfortable for healthy horses and how design details may allow you to accomplish both
  • Easy steps to build in added safety for your horses, who do irrational things that threaten their safety
  • Specific design elements to make caring for your horses more efficient, so you spend less time (or money) caring for your horses and more time training or riding
>> A $9 value.

If you are considering a new building for your business or an investment property, request this guidebook. It contains more than 100 valuable nuggets of information, including tips, tactics and time-proven ways to:

  • Select very profitable sites
  • Establish a realistic budget
  • Ensure you're happy with the entire ownership experience
  • Get a design that fits your business needs
  • Eliminate delays and hassles
  • Reduce construction costs and future operating expenses
  • Maximize your ROI now and in the long term
>> A $14.95 value.