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Our Pole Barn Construction Process

Why FBi? You'll enjoy the process.

While our product is excellent, our consultative service is what really sets us apart. You'll enjoy doing business with FBi.

Consultative Approach

FBi puts an intense focus on early planning so that the project goes smoothly and you get what you expect.Many companies say they offer a consultative approach but few take it to the level that FBi does. We take a total project approach. Experience has shown that even if we're just providing the building "shell," it's vital that customers take into consideration all aspects of a project so everything goes smoothly. We start by helping you think through site issues and total project budget. For complex jobs, we'll provide you a full project schedule so you'll know what needs to be done and when. We also help facilitate the permit process. If you'd like us to manage your civil engineering, site planning, variance applications, MEP drawings, etc., we offer Professional Services packages. Ask your Project Sales Consultant for details.

As you may have noticed by visiting our Resources page, we've created helpful materials that guide prospective customers through the planning, design and construction process. Whether you are looking for step-by-step instructions to proper site preparation, design tips for labor efficiency or tips on how to avoid common mistakes and regrets, you'll get it free of charge from FBi. We believe an informed customer is the most satisfied customer in the long run. That's why we offer these resources and why our "salesmen" truly are Project Sales Consultants. Their objective is to discover your needs and guide you to an appropriate solution - not just sell you a building.

Crew Power, Experience & Quality

FBi has the manpower to get your job done quicklyFBi buildings are built by FBi-trained and -employed crews that know how to get the job done right. Our average crew foreman has more than 13 years of experience and our average crew person has more than  8 years of experience. That level of longevity and experience is rare in the construction industry and helps produce a high level of quality that is also hard to find elsewhere. As further assurance that you'll get the building you expect, all of our foremen are required to complete detailed Field Quality Checklists for each phase of the project.

And as one of the larger post-frame companies in the nation, we have a sizeable pool of these experienced field workers and a vast array of tools and equipment. We can tackle projects of nearly any size and get them done on time.

Local Presence

Our 800 number rings into the main office at Remington, Indiana, but when it comes time to meet with a salesman, you'll typically work with someone local to your area. And your building will be constructed by an FBi crew that also lives near you. Our salespeople and crews are located throughout Indiana and Illinois so they can be close to our customers.

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Construction Coordinator Specialists

FBi Project Managers focus exclusively on that task.For the most efficient scheduling, FBi uses full-time dedicated construction coordinators. Their sole focus is coordinating manpower and equipment to get jobs done on time. They aren't distracted by "wearing other hats" as is often done by other builders.

Design & Engineering

Your building will be designed around your specific usage. We'll examine the "flow" of people and equipment inside and outside your building to create an efficient plan that functions well while making the most of your square footage.

Our engineers review your entire building systemOur licensed engineers then create a total building system design engineered to withstand specified wind and snow loads. Many other builders only rate their trusses, leaving potential weak links elsewhere in the structure. We can "stamp" the entire set of plans, if you desire.

In addition, if ventilation is a priority, we can provide airflow calculations so you'll know how many air exchanges per hour you'll get. We can also supply heat calculations, foundation details to ensure strength and longevity, energy code compliance review and more. We'll work with you during the design phase to get you whatever you need to advance the project.


FBi crews have a safety-first mentalityFBi has one of the most rigorous, comprehensive safety programs in the industry. The keystone of our award-winning safety program is a unique fall-protection system. Its use is mandatory and it virtually eliminates the most common and serious type of construction injuries, namely falls.

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FBi is fully insured, including Worker's Comp, Builder's Risk and General Liability coverages.

Since 1958

Our company was founded more than 50 years ago. During that time, we've earned a reputation for treating customers right, standing by our word and building quality buildings at a fair price. That stability means you can count on us to get the job done right and take care of you in the future.


FBi is a leader in the post-frame industry and has pioneered a long list of innovations. Many have since become the industry standards; others continue to keep us ahead of the competition. Examples of innovations that started first at FBi are using light, aluminum-framed sliding doors, a sliding door latch / locking system, long-lasting Kynar 500®-based finishes on Galvalume® substrate, rust-free, stainless-steel hex washer head screws and the optional concrete PERMA-COLUMN™ system, guaranteed for a lifetime.

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Fewer Hassles

FBi handles sales, design, engineering, delivery and constructionWe provide a streamlined design and construction process. FBi is your single source for the pre-engineered portion of your building. Sales, design, engineering, material delivery and construction are all done by FBi employees. You won't have to deal with a disconnected dealer or a subcontracted erection crew. Using only FBi employees gives us the tightest control on quality. And if something goes wrong, there is clear accountability.

Service after the sale

FBi has a separate division of specially trained crews that exclusively do warranty, repair and renovation work. If you need to add on to, or reconfigure, your building down the road, we'll take care of you.

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