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Metal Building Construction

Metal buildings are versatile and affordable

You may be wondering if a metal building is the same thing as a post-frame building or pole barn. You might also wonder if a metal building is the same thing as a steel building. We'll explain.

Many people refer to any structure that has metal siding and/or roofing as a metal building. Modern metal buildings use steel for the siding and roofing, not aluminum or "tin" as was common decades ago.

Many modern metal building designs feature exterior finishes other than steel, such as brick, stone, split-face block or EIFS. The exterior finish is up to you. It just depends on your budget and your objectives. A metal building can be designed to be almost any shape or configuration. They have tremendous design flexibility.

A metal building can have a wood frame or a steel frame, so some metal buildings are "pole barns," a.k.a. post-frame buildings, and some aren't. Usually, though, if a metal building has a steel frame, it is called a steel building.

Metal building construction planning

When planning a budget for metal building construction, it is important to consider the entire project. The building shell is only part of the overall cost. You must also take into account excavation, concrete, parking, landscaping, interior build-out, furniture, fixtures, etc. FBi can help you with your metal building construction planning and provide cost estimates and complete project schedules.

Construction of metal buildings

Perhaps you've seen or heard the ads from steel-frame companies listing "amazingly low prices." Beware. Those prices are for materials only. They do not include erection. FBi, on the other hand, sells, designs, engineers and builds our metal buildings, using our own well-trained crews.

To summarize, FBi Buildings designs and constructs "metal buildings" that use wood framing and can be finished with any exterior you desire. Call them metal buildings, pole barns or post-frame buildings. Either way, metal building construction is affordable; they are flexible buildings that provide large, clear-span interiors and impressive energy efficiency.