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Horse barn with lean-to porch and deluxe Dutch doors

Mark and Connie Gerber

Miami County | Macy, IN

Horse barn with lean-to porch and deluxe Dutch doors
Miami County
Mark and Connie Gerber

Equine Building Profile
Use: Horse barn with deluxe Dutch doors and lean-to porch
Size: 38' x 64' x 10' pole barn
Building Color: Light stone
Roof & Designer Wall Color: Evergreen


  • Deluxe Dutch doors for a classic equestrian look and airflow for the animals
  • Lean-to porch provides shade for the horses and owners and a seating area
  • Cupolas with weathervanes to give the barn a contemporary agricultural look and ventilation
  • Mansard over the entry door and window provides shade and protection from the elements
  • Miter corners on the porch for aesthetics
  • Fenced enclosure for horse riding and excercise
  • Skylights and half-round window for natural lighting
  • Split end-sliding doors to allow equipment and horse access
  • Roof, trim, wainscot and deluxe Dutch door trim color-matched