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Building Connections & Pole Barn Additions

Adding More Space to Your Existing Building

Post Frame Building Additions, Adding On To Your Pole Barn

Are you out of room in your existing building? Many of our customers have chosen to add onto their building with lean-tos or end-to-end connections to maximize their storage space and maintain the efficiency of their operation. Whether you’re looking to double your capacity or just get to your additional space without having to brave the elements it is worth considering a connection or addition.

The first step towards getting addtional space by an extension or addition is determining if it's even feasible for your existing building. Once you have Identified what type of buildings you have (Post-Frame, Steel Frame, Stick Frame, etc...), it is important to understand the ability of your existing structure to carry additional weight from a lean-to, expansion or add on. The amount of addtional space you need is also key in knowing if an extension to your exisiting building is possible and the best option for you. Another important factor in feasibility is meeting local setback regulations; the addition needs to be built a specific distance from other structures. When deciding what part of your existing building to add on to, identifying underground utilities and other dig-in hazards is mandatory.
These are just a few of the factors that go into expanding your building. 

Need more information? Download a list of 5 Things to Consider When Adding on to Your Existing Pole Barn or Post-Frame Building

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